Visma eAccounting integration

What is Visma eAccounting (Visma eEkonomi)?

Visma eAccounting is an economy software for small businesses, it is easy to use and web based. Connecting the two offers a possibility to create a new company in eAccounting and update outdated company information.

How to connect

You need to have an account at Visma eAccounting and activate their Visma Integration add-on. Then log in to Lime Go --> click settings --> integration ---> Visma eAccounting, and follow the steps provided.



Lime Go will receive the different Terms of Payment options available, so that you may select what payment terms to use when linking your new companies. Note that you will have to check that the option selected is correct.


How to link a company

Once the integration between Visma eAcconomy and Lime Go is established, you may link a company. Linking can be done in two ways:

  • If the company doesn’t already exist in Visma eAccounting you may create it. On a company card in Lime Go, click + Add as customer in Visma eAccounting. If the company already exists a duplicate will be created.
    • The new company will get the Terms of payment setting provided in Lime Go (see Lime Go Settings --> Integrations --> Visma eAccounting).


  • If the company already exists in Visma eAccounting you may copy the customer reference into Lime Go.
    • Go to either the Edit or the Statistics page for the company in eAccounting, copy the last characters of the URL (everything after the last /). It looks something like this: “38fe43cc-c843-48e0-9efe-fa7b262a8191”.
    • Open the company page in Lime Go, select to Edit (“three dots” in the top right corner) and paste it in the field Company Reference under Visma eAccounting.


How to add a contact person

On the company card, click Add a contact person. This will add information to the reference person fields in eAccounting.


Updating information in Visma eAccounting

Go to the company card in Lime Go, there will be an option: Update the information in Visma eAccounting.

Please note that this information in Visma eAccounting will be overwritten:


  • Name
  • Registration number
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website

Contact person (which in Visma is called reference person)

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Direct phone number
  • Mobile number

 Terms of Payment will not be updated.






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