What’s meant by "clicks" in the statistics?


In the statistics, one of the key things we measure is the number of recipients who click on any links. Note that we count clicks regardless of whether the recipient clicks on the link in the email or on the web version.

You can see the number of unique clicks right there on the email page. If you click on the hand icon, you can see which recipients clicked.


If you click on the menu instead, you’ll enter the statistics page. On the right-hand side, there are two rows you can click on: 1. Show all recipients who clicked links. 2. See all links in the email and how many recipients clicked on each individual link. 
Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 13.15.14.png

If you click on row 2, “Distributed over 8 links”, you’ll come to a page with information on all the links in the email, as well as how many unique clicks and total clicks each link received. Click on the numbers in this view and you’ll see a list of recipients who clicked on each link.

TIPS: In the future, you can target recipients who clicked on a specific link by locating the old email in “Sent messages” and adding those recipients who clicked the link to the recipient list of your new email.

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