How do I send a reminder to people who received an invitation to an event but haven't registered to attend?

Now you can more easily send a reminder to those who haven’t yet registered to attend your event! Or maybe you want to send a message to those currently on the waiting list? No problems there either. Just follow the steps below: 

  1. Create an email in the right Publication in the usual way.
  2. When you’re done with the email’s layout and text, proceed to the recipient view as normal. Here, select “Add recipient lists” as shown in the picture below:

3. You’ll then come to the view below. Select “Events”. Here, you’ll see all the events linked to that Publication. Of course, you can see other events just by changing Publication, which you do in the black menu to the left of the “Search event” box.

4. In “Events”, select the desired event. You’ll see invitees categorized by their status. Tap the category or categories of people you want to send a reminder to and then “Add selected lists” in the top, right-hand corner. This way, it’s easy to send reminders to, for example, those who’ve been invited but not yet responded to confirm if they’ll attend or not.


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