How do I add a YouTube video to an event registration page?

Moving media is great way of piquing recipients’ interest. Why not post a video on the registration page for your event?

Start by taking the embed code from Youtube:

  1. Search for the video you want to embed in your page.
  2. While the video’s playing, click “Share” and then “Embed”, and copy the link
  3. When back in Lime Marketing, select the Event you are working on. Under the text tab, you’ll find the block “YouTube video web”. Choose where on the registration page the video should be located and drag and drop the block as shown in the picture below. If you can’t see that type of content block, contact us.
  4. Click on “Source code”, i.e. the “<>" icon, paste the link you copied from YouTube, click “OK”.
  5. Done! You’ve now embedded the YouTube video into your registration page for all your invitees to see.


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