How do I include a QR code or barcode in my email?

QR codes/ barcodes

How can you use QR codes/ barcodes?

Start by setting which QR codes/ barcodes you want to be available to users in “Administration”.
Here you also choose which type of code should be the default. That is, whether a QR code or barcode is automatically selected when you drag a code block into an email. See the picture below:


Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 13.47.51.png


We can help you create a custom QR/ barcode block

You can use QR codes and barcodes in emails and text messages, as well as to help people register for events. To use a code, just follow the steps below. Of course, we can also create custom QR/ barcode blocks based on your design preferences.


Example: Including a special code in an email

  1. Go to the editor for the email to which you want to add the code.
  2. On the right-hand side of the menu, you’ll see a new option: “QR and barcodes”. See the picture below. Select this option and drag the content block into the email.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 13.49.31.png


1. If you want, enter your QR code or barcode directly into the email.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 13.50.19.png

Just like with a normal content block, if you select the QR/ barcode block, you can edit it. In this case, you determine the value of the code:

QR codes

If it’s a QR code you want in your email, you can choose to link to an external website, an event or a survey, and even insert a braid variable such as the customer number to embed a customer-specific offer into your email, for example. 



With a barcode, insert a braid variable in order to embed a customer-specific offer into your email, for example. 


Don’t want the code visible in the email? No problem! Instead of entering a code directly into an email, you can link to one. Add a button or link text or an image to a survey in which you’ve included the barcode.


Using QR codes/ barcodes for event registrations

This is something else you can do with QR codes/ barcodes. Enter the code in the confirmation email you send to the registered participant and scan it when registering the person at the event.



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