How do I create an SMS message?


1 - Settings 

On a Publications start page, you have the opportunity to create a new SMS instead of a new email. If you can’t find this option in the black menu on your site, SMS messages aren't yet activated for you. Contact us on 046-270 48 00 or at and we’ll help you get started.



You will also find "Create new SMS" button on each publication:


First, you’ll come to the settings for the SMS. Here, you should fill in the message’s name, country code and sender information. Then, create your SMS. The sender information is what shows up in the inbox of SMS recipients! The sender must be 2-11 characters(a-z) and/or numbers long. Allowed special characters: å, ä, ö, æ, ø, ü, _, -

If you want recipients to be able to respond to your message, write your mobile number as the sender.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 15.41.58.png

2 - Content 

You’ll now come to the SMS editor. Here, you decide the content of your message. You can insert merge variables and links and send a test message to yourself.  



3 - Recipient view

When you’ve finished creating your message, you come to the recipient field. Here, you can import recipients for this messages from Lime CRM or import and add individual recipients manually.

Just like with emails, you can also exclude lists/ recipients you don’t want to receive the message even if they’re on the Opt-In List, for example.

4 - Send/ schedule your SMS

Then, you’ll come to the final step, which is sending your SMS. Here, you can choose whether you want to send it right away or schedule it to be sent later.

In the send dialogue, the content is also checked and validated. You get suggestions on improvements you could make, such as guidance on how to prevent links from being previewed on iPhones or a reminder that you haven’t included an unsubscribe link.

If the system needs any more information in order to send the message, it’ll notify you. Then just go back and change/ add this information in the right place and return to “Send”.

5 - Statistics

When you’ve sent your SMS, you can view statistics on how the delivery has gone. See the picture below:

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 15.53.24.png

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