How do I create an email?

Create an email

Create a new email by clicking on the + icon next to the Publication you want to send through on the start screen.


Alternatively, open the Publication you want to send through and click “Create new email”.

Fill in the basic settings and recipient information. You can return to this page at any time by clicking "Settings" in the top menu of the email.


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Then choose a template. It can be either a standard template that’s included with the system, a custom one we create based on your needs (Yes! We can help you with that!) or a copy of a previously sent email.

Next, you’ll find the editor, where you decide what your email’s going to look like and what information it’s going to contain. In the editor, you can drag and drop different content blocks, edit them and change their design. Don’t forget to save your work. You’ll find the save button in the upper, right-hand corner of the editor. 

When you’ve finished the email, or while you’re working on it, you can preview it by clicking on the little magnifying glass icon in the black top bar menu. You can choose in what resolution you want to preview it to see what it looks like on a mobile phone, for example.

The black menu also says “Send test”. Click this button to send a test email to yourself or colleagues to check that everything looks good before you send it out for good.

When you’re satisfied, go ahead and add the recipient in the top, right-hand corner of the editor.


When you select “Add recipient lists”, you’ll see a view like the one in the image below. You can also click “Import recipients” and paste several recipients directly from an Excel file, or individual recipients one at a time.

Here you choose which lists you want to send to:
· Fixed lists linked to the Publication
· Static lists
· Lime CRM Marketing campaigns

You can also select recipients by:
· Importing recipients directly into an email
· Making smart selections based on previously sent emails. For example, you can send a reminder to those who haven’t opened your previous email, or not answered a survey or event invitation.

You can also filter recipients based on location, for example, if this is a recipient property you’ve entered for each recipient in the Lime Marketing system.

You can also exclude individual recipients or recipient lists from the email to make sure they don’t receive the information. Excluding recipients works in just the same way as adding them.

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