What image sizes can I use in my emails?

How big should images be so that they look good without the email becoming too heavy? Below, we walk you through three basic rules and recommendations regarding images and their sizes in Lime Marketing.
1. All pictures in the email combined should not exceed 10 megabytes in size.
2. Each individual image should be 100 kilobytes maximum.
3. If you are creating images in Photoshop, select the JPEG format for photographs and PNG-24 for other images.

Image sizes in the system
· Large images, that is: banners/ headers/ other large images
Width: 800 pixels

· Half images, such as in a two-column email
Width: 400 pixels

· Small images, such as in a three-column email
Width: 200 pixels

All the pictures you upload are stored in Lime Newsletter. If there are too many and it starts getting difficult to find the right ones, you can find all your images and have the option of deleting any you’re not using under “Archive”.

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