How do I resend an email?

Want to resend a message and just change the subject line a bit, or maybe add a few recipients? Follow the steps below:


Getting started

Go to the Publication for the email you want to resend.
On the far right, you’ll find the pen icon that can you use if you want to “Edit and resend the email”.



Edit and resend

When you click on the pen, you’ll come to the editor. You’ll then receive an exact copy of the email you’ve already sent, and you can begin editing the email. NOTE: Changes you make here do not affect emails that have already been sent.




Choosing basic settings for the email

Want to change sender information or subject line? Go to the email’s “Settings” tab. See the picture below.


When the mailing looks as you want it to, go to “Send” just like with a normal email.


How many times have you sent?

When you resend an email, you’ll be able to see this in the view for the email. A new icon will appear to the right of the email’s name stating the number of times you’ve resent it. See the picture below. The statistics shown in this view are aggregated for all emails.


By clicking on “Statistics” in the menu, you’ll come to the view below (if you’ve sent the email more than once). Here you’ll see an overview of all the statistics on all the times you’ve sent the email.



Overall statistics for emails sent several times

Nr. 1
You can click on the different numbers to see who’s opened the email/ which links they’ve clicked on and at what time, just like with any other email.
Nr. 2
By clicking on the subject line for one of the emails, you’ll come to an overview of all the statistics for the email (see point 7)



Statistics for each individual emails

If you click on one of the subject lines, you’ll come to the view in the picture below. In this view, you can switch between views of statistics on each time you sent the email using the button in the top right-hand corner.




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