Can I replace images in emails I’ve already sent?


Yes, you can replace images with new ones quickly and easily. The new images will display in all templates, emails you’ve started to edit, event pages and emails you’ve sent that haven’t yet been opened by recipients.


Just follow the steps below:

Once you’ve logged in to Lime Marketing, go to “Archive” and then “Images” in the main menu. See the picture below:




You’ll come to the view below. If you hover your mouse over the image, several icons will appear on the far right.




By clicking “Replace”, you’ll get to the view below. Decide if you want to drag an image from somewhere on your computer or click to search for it from the browser window. Upload the new image you want to replace the old one with.


TIP: If you follow the steps above, but it still looks like the image hasn’t been replaced, clear your cache (browser memory) by pressing Ctrl + F5 (on a PC) or Cmd + Alt + E (on a Mac).




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