How do I attach a file to my email?

Either upload files to the system under “File” to access them later, or upload them directly in the editor for an email. To do the former, follow the steps below:

Uploading files to the system

Go to Archive
Go to “File”
Then go to “Files”.


By pressing the + icon in the above file view, you will immediately be able to upload a file.

2. You’ll them come to the view in the picture below. Here, you can see all the files that are uploaded to the system and some information about them.



There are no restrictions regarding file type, however, the default maximum file size is 10 megabytes per file. This is something you can change in the system if you want to.


  1. By hovering your mouse over the name of each file, you can either copy the file's URL, or choose to replace the file without having to replace the link.
    You might want to do the latter if new information has been added to a file. Of course, you can also delete the file using the rubbish bin icon on the far right. NOTE: If you replace the file, the new file must be of the same file type.


  2. Click on “Upload new file” in the black menu. Drag a file from somewhere on your computer or click to search for one. Upload it.

  3. Done! Your file is now ready.

    Uploading files directly in the editor

  4. When you’re in the editor for the email you want to attach a file to, select the text you want to link to the file and click on the link icon. Alternatively, select the content block of the image/ button you want to link to the file and click on the link icon. See below:

  5. You’ll come to the view below (By going to the “Files” tab)
    Here you can select a file you’ve already uploaded to the system or upload a new file.

Linking to a file at an event, or in an SMS or survey works in exactly the same way.

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