How do I create a Publication?

The Email section of the system consists of Publications and emails. A Publication is like a folder that’s created for a specific purpose, so that you as a user can find your emails as easily as possible. Your recipients can choose to unsubscribe from certain Publications, and continue receiving emails from others. This is called selective opt-out.

Create a Publication
On the start page, click "Create new Publication" in the top black bar. You may prefer to copy an existing one by clicking the small "Create copy" icon on an other Publication.

Start by selecting “Create new Publication”, which you’ll find in the black menu. You’ll then come to the view below, where you can give your Publication a name, like “Newsletter”, for example.

When you click “Create Publication”, you’ll come to the view below, which is where you’ll set up the basic settings for the Publication. You can add a short description of the Publication, which is only visible to you and other users of the system, and not to recipients.
Scrolling down the page will take you to the opt-in rules, which can be seen as a subscription list. If you enable opt-in, this means that if a recipient subscribes to your newsletter, for example, they’re added directly to the Opt-In List for the Publication and will thus receive all emails that are sent through this Publication. You can read more about this under point 3 below.


Enable simple opt-in or double opt-in 
Start by enabling opt-in

If you activate the Opt-In List, you’ll come to the view below. Here, you select settings and can edit what the registration form and confirmation page will look like. You can also decide if those who opt in will receive a confirmation email when they do so, as well as if you as user of the system will receive a notification confirming as much.
Click on a link to be taken to the “Edit Publication” page. Here, you adapt pages and emails to your own design. For example, you can change your logo at the top and the base colour of any buttons.
This works just like editing an email in the editor, which you’ll find a guide to here.

Everything we said about also applies to opt-out. That is, you can give recipients the option to unsubscribe from emails. If the recipient chooses to do this, they’ll no longer receive any emails sent through the specific Publication. NOTE: You must include an opt-out link in all your emails. This is best done by adding the special link for opt-out in the email template.

More Publication settings
If you click "settings" in to top black menu, you can fill in sender information, as well as your Google Analytics information if you’re using such a connection.
If you click on any of the Publication’s content, you’ll come to the view below. Here, you can link this Publication to any template. If you add one or more email templates to a Publication, only these templates will be displayed when you’re building and creating emails as part of that Publication.

Finally, you’ll find a list of this Publication’s recipients. You can choose to mark certain recipient lists as default for the Publication to make sure all recipients in that list are always included in emails sent through the Publication. Also here you can see that Publication’s Opt-In and Opt-Out Lists.

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