How do I get started with Lime Survey?


1. Settings

Click on the icon for the system's survey tool. Get started by clicking on “Create new survey”, which you’ll find in the top black menu. Give the survey a name and choose which Publication it should belong to. Your choice of Publication will determine the sender information. 


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After clicking on “Create survey”, you’ll come to the settings page for the survey (see the picture below). Here, among other things, you can fill in targets for the number of questionnaire responses (for your own reference later on), as well as whether the questionnaire is to be open to responses immediately upon being sent, or later on.


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2. Design och Layout

Now it's time to edit your survey. Go to the editor by clicking “Edit survey ”.


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You’ll recognise the editor from when you’ve created emails, because it’s structured in just the same way.

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Just like with emails, you create surveys by dragging and dropping different blocks into the survey. You can include text blocks for any instructions, image blocks, or different form fields with questions and different answer options.

If you drag and drop blocks from “Pre-filled fields”, the recipient properties you have in the system will be linked to the survey so that if they answer the questionnaire, their names, email addresses and company names will be filled in automatically, for example.



  • Don't forget to insert a “Submit” button!
  • You can edit the colours, fonts and background of your survey on the page.


3. Preview your survey

While you’re creating your survey, you can preview it to see what it’ll look like on lots of different devices. The content is just as responsive when you send it out, and adapts itself depending on where the respondent opens it. Don’t forget to save your work.

Back on your survey’s settings page, there’s the option to send a confirmation email to people who answer the survey, as well as and a notification email to you as administrator. If you enable these, you can click them to edit the design and content of the emails in exactly the same way as when you create any other email in the email editor.

Your survey’s ready! You’ll find the link to it on its setting page.


4. Send your survey

Usually, the next step is to create an email in which we suggest you insert a button that links to the survey. To link the button to the survey, select the block area and edit the button settings. Here, under the link settings menu, click on “Surveys” and select the survey you want to link to.

You can also use the link you find on the survey’s settings page on your website or other digital channels.

5. Survey responses

Once you’ve submitted your survey, you can follow the statistics in Lime Marketing and see what answers different recipients have given. You can also easily export response data to Excel and analyze it there.

Our surveys are just as good for gauging the opinions of customers as they are for gauging those of employees, for example with an NPS question.


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