How do I create an Event?

1. Click the Event icon in the left-hand menu. If the icon’s not there, your organization does not yet have Lime Event. Contact us or your Project Manager to take the next steps! 

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2. Select “Create new event”. Give your event a name and place it in the Publication you want it to belong to. Click “Create event”.

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3. Now you’ll come to the event’s settings page. All information you enter here will be displayed on your event’s registration page. You’ll be able to make adjustments to it both directly on the registration page, or on this settings page later on.

  • In the “Description” field, you can give a description of the event that will only be visible internally.

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  • Enter the address of the event venue. This allows invitees to see where the event is being held easily, and get directions through Google Maps. In the “Location” field, you can enter more specific location information, like “On the third floor”.

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  • Fill in when registration opens and closes, and even more importantly, when the event starts and ends.

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  • Choose whether you want to set a limit on the number of attendees.

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  • Edit the event’s registration page.

You do this by clicking on “edit registration page”. The editor will open. There are already some suggested images and pieces of text, or you can choose a ready-made template if you have one.

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  • Here, you can edit each block separately. The top block is a large image block and will contain the event name and location and date, which can also be edited. If you select “Preview” on the left-hand side, you’ll see what it looks like. You can do this at any point in the editing process. To replace the image, the text box should be marked with an orange frame, and you should click “Design block surface”. Keep in mind that the image should be about 2000 pixels wide for it to look good on a large screen.
  • In the next "Welcome" block, you edit the page’s title and body text. The image can also be replaced.
  • In the next block, the date of the event will be displayed. (Feel free to see what it looks like in the preview). Here you can also change the color, image, etc.
  • The “Location” block shows the address of the event and a map. Here you can also edit, for example, the telephone number and email address.
  • The next block is the registration form itself. Here, you can choose whether you want form fields or pre-filled fields. The latter are fields that retrieve recipient properties from the system, such as email addresses, names, telephone numbers or other any data you import into Lime Marketing. Under form fields, there are several different fields to choose from.
  • When you’ve finished this page, click “Save” in the top, right-hand corner.


5. You’ll then be taken back to the event’s settings page. Here, you can now edit the page to be displayed to people who register for the event. To do this, click on “Page that is displayed to everyone….”. As before, there are several different design possibilities.

A tip is to use similar or the same images and colors so that people don’t get lost. When you’re done, click “Save” in the top, right-hand corner.


6. Back on the settings page, there are options of sending a confirmation email to people who register to attend your event. You can adjust this email’s design by clicking on “Send confirmation email”. It’s also possible to send a notification email to an administrator whenever someone registers or cancels their registration. 


7. Now your registration page is ready for your event! On the settings page, you can find the link to the page. See picture below. You can edit your registration page as many times as you like, but keep in mind that if you send out an invitation and then edit it, changes you make will apply for everyone, even those who received the invitation link before you edited the page.

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8. Often, the next step is to create an invitation in the form of a regular email in Lime Marketing, in which we suggest you add a button that links to your registration page. You can use the same links on your website or other digital channels.

Once you’ve sent out your invitation, you’ll see when registrations start coming in the statistics in Event. See picture below. If you click on the statistics icon, you’ll see who’s been invited and what they’ve responded with. You can also export all the invitees in order to get a list of attendees.

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Why not get ahead of the game and prepare your follow-up to the event before it’s taken place? Create a thank-you email and possibly a survey to get some feedback.


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