How can I automate welcome emails and confirmation emails?

Opt-in forms act as an information generator for your subscription list, and people who give you their email address via an Opt-in form will automatically receive emails from this Publication.

Why send a confirmation email?

If you use an Opt-in form for one or more of your Publications, you can choose to send a confirmation email to those who register their email address.

There’s a number of reasons for which we recommend sending confirmation emails:

1. By sending a confirmation email, you’re showing the person who signed up a little attention, which will make them feel welcome as a subscriber.

2. The subscriber doesn’t have to wait up to a month to hear from you, rather they receive a nice greeting right away.

3. Confirmation emails are the start of a dialogue with the subscriber, so you can begin building a customer relationship with them as early as possible. Confirmation emails give you a chance to write a greeting, a welcome or perhaps clarify what future emails will contain and how often the subscriber can expect to receive them. You can also ask the subscriber to add you, the sender, to their contacts to avoid the risk of your emails ending up in their spam folder.

How do I set up confirmation emails?

1. Go to the Publication in question’s settings.

2. Activate “Send confirmation email to all new opt-ins” as shown in the picture below:

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 13.30.52.png

3. You can now edit your confirmation email. You’ll come to the editor for this, which works in the same way as it does for regular emails. 

4. To edit the sender and subject line of the confirmation email, go to the settings. You can find them by clicking on the gear icon when you’re in the editor for the confirmation email.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 13.32.21.png


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