What is a calling list?

A calling list is basically a todo list for sales calls.

Let's say you have a sales offer and you want to target all startups in Sweden. So you want your 3 best salespeople to call them upp and tell them about your amazing offer.

Don't worry, we got you covered! Create a new calling list with the appropriate filter and assign it to your colleagues.


What happens when you create a calling list is that Lime Go will take a snapshot of your filter and create a special kind of todo for the first 250 companies in that filter.

So there are some essential concepts we'd like to explain here:

1. A calling list created a special todo
This special todo is designed to be as efficient as possible for calling. It will suggest the person you should call, and will give you the ability to assess your sales call. The call assessment as an evaluation or a status of the sales call, which you can configure to fit your workflow.

Statistics based on the status or the assessments of the sales calls will show you the hit rate of your campaign.

2. A calling list is a snapshot of your filter 
The snapshot is based on the current state of the filter and will not be updated automatically. Based on the example above, let's say that you are targeting startups that have been registered in the last year. If a company is 364 days old, it will not disappear from your calling list tomorrow. Likewise a company that is registered tomorrow, won't be added to your calling list either.

3. A calling list is limited to 250 companies
This is an arbitrary limit, but it's important for three reasons.

First, if you have a lot of companies it's harder to get a good overview of your campaign. The statistics of call assessments will be less useful, and it will be harder to do things like vary your sales pitch and measure your hit rate.

Second, calling lists are campaigns and not a saved filters. It's a snapshot of the filter result at the present time. We update our company database every day, so if the calling list takes too long to complete, it will begin to get outdated.

Finally, as calling lists create a lot of todos, the sales person might get overwhelmed by the number of things todo. We want to help sales people have a more joyful workday, not to add stress on top of their already busy days.

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