What is an API key?

An API key is a unique signature that let's Lime Go know that the calling program is authorized to access your data. Lime Go's API keys are in the form of GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) because they need to be unique.

Check out how to get your own API key here.

You can have as many API keys as you want. Create a new key for each service or use the same key for everything - the choice is yours.

API are not however created equal.

Personal keys

These keys are tied to your personal Lime Go account and are therefore just as important as your password. Account keys can be used to access everything in the Lime Go API. You can perform actions like searching for a person, saving an email to Lime Go and changing a deal status.

Some of the actions you can perform are however limited by your accounts permissions. (e.g in order to save an email, you need to have the permission to create companies and persons)

Company keys

Application wide API keys are used for things that don't require personal authentication like reading the application feed or sending a signal to Lime Go.

Application keys come with some other limitations as well. The data you receive when using these will not contain full contact information, but a limited subset.

When using this type of API key, Lime Go will expose company names, registration numbers, Bisnode Ids and all of the tags and custom field values.
Lime Go will not expose the company addresses, email or phone numbers.

When it comes to person data, Lime Go will expose names, e-mail addresses and all the tags and custom field values, but not phone numbers.

Read more about the included data here

Company keys with superpowers

Lime Go does however also have full access application API keys the are allowed to expose full contact information, if the receiving program is an ERP system. If you want to get a hold of a full access API key, give us a call.


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