How to create an e-mail campaign using MailChimp

First off you need to set up Lime Go to work with MailChimp.

For a person to be included in an e-mail campaign, it is necessary to have tagged the person and that the person has an email address in Lime Go. Mailchimp does not support email addresses to companies, for example

Then, create a list in MailChimp. A MailChimp list is a group of recipients that will receive a certain type of distribution, such as a newsletter, promotional offer or a Christmas card. 

Now it´s time to create an e-mail campaign in Lime Go. Click on Campaigns -> New e-mail campaign

Choose the tag you want to use, name the campaign and select the MailChimp list you have already created. Save and continue to MailChimp to create your email.


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