Best practices when creating e-mail content

You are working as a marketer in a small company and you are head of the epic newsletter to your customers each month. Everybody in your organization loves the newsletters. You go talk to several colleagues about what content they want to see in the newsletter.

For example you talk to product manager about product updates, the customer service about most common questions and maybe you want to push for a certain event your company are joining next month. So far this is good stuff. You should do this.

Question: Why am I doing this?

Answer: I am doing this because I want to let our customers know about new and exciting updates in my organization (product updates, webinars, engaging blog posts, events)

Question: To who?

Answer: I am sending this to my customers.

In Lime Go you can segment your users by using Tags or Relation status. If you for example talk to a customer or a prospect you can ask them if they want a newsletter or be invited to an event later this year. Doing this you can create a person tag (they need to have a e-mail adress on the person card) and add the tag that fits.

When creating a new email campaign you can easily choose your desired tag.

What content should I use for my sendout?

Good question! First of all, answer the questions above and you are good to go. 


Look at your competitors and do the opposite. Doesn't matter if the headline is long or short, just make it informative. Is this the right way of making the receiver open you e-mail?


Always have content on your opening header. This section should be a summary of your entire e-mail


Scenario: Middle age men (Who?). Because you are an expert in your business, you also know that you can make a lot of money in this segments but they are not buying new smartphones as often as the teenagers. Here you want to target them with a yearly subscription in order to make them stay as a customer for a long period of time. Maybe you also give them a blog post with technical details because you know they are engaging in that kind of content (Why?).

Here you want to add a Call to action (CTA). Always think about how you want to engage you receiver with your content. 


Always add company information, social icons and an unsubscribe link.


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