Control codes doesn't work after my latest Office upgrade, how do I fix that?

Some of our customers experience that the Control codes aren't exchanged with information, when creating a document. The problem occurs after upgrading Office.

This matter is a bug that Microsoft is working to solve.

However, until then you can downgrade your Office to a version prior to build 1705 and 1706.

Here are instructions to do so are here:

Here is more more info on when each version was released:

Those of you who don't use Office click-to-run, should uninstall Office using Control Panel>Programs>View installed updates. Search for KB4011052 and uninstall it. Restart your computer afterwards.


This is only a temporary solution, since the version with the bug will be re-installed next time you run Windows Update.

We are currenty working to solve this problem, but until then this is the only solution.


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