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As a sales team lead you can set goals for your team based on three activities: sales calls, booked meetings and attended meetings and client visits.

Go to the coworkers profile page and select Edit goals from the menu with the "three little dots" in the top right corner. Note that you will only reach this view for your profile or if you have administrative permissions.

Navigate to the right year using arrows, and enter activity goals for your coworker per month. At the top of each activity you get help to enter a value for all months directly, then adjust months by hand.

Remember that statistics are added to the coworker who books a meeting, even if it has been delegated to another coworker. Same thing if a coworker with administrative permissions reports a meeting for someone else in the team.

It is possible to go back and edit goals in case of changed plans. This is a tool for the sales team to keep an eye on the target. Finish by clicking Save.

Goals will be presented on the coworker profile page and on Sales activity, together with a progress diagram.

The monthly value will be divided by the number of days, minus weekends, to present a so called nearby target. This is where the sales rep. should be by the end of the day, to be on track for the period. 




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