How does the user permissions in Lime Go work?

In Lime Go, we have permissions in what you can create, change and delete. 

As an administrator, you can set the permissions of your coworkers by visiting their coworker card and click the context menu (to the top right), click Edit and the choose tab Permissions 


Gives permission to create new objects. 

  • Deals
  • Persons
  • Companies
  • Calling lists (can only be edited by the creator of the list)
  • Email campaign

Note: Created objects, except for calling lists, can be edited by anyone.

Administer and configure 

Gives permission to create, edit and delete these objects:

  • Tags
  • Custom fields
  • Sales process
  • Deal sources
  • Status on objects in calling lists

Editing means, for example, changing headers. Note: content can still be updated by any coworker


Gives permission to delete these objects from the database:

  • Deals
  • Persons
  • Companies
  • Calling lists
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