What does the "follow" button do?

On the company, person, coworker and deal card there is a button called follow. This button has mainly two uses. 

  1. All events (notes, changes on deal statuses, relation changes) will be displayed on the start screen "Today". If you have an extra interest in a specific deal or a specific company, which your coworkers are working on, the follow button is a great way of keeping track of what is going on. A pro tip can be to follow one of your coworkers. By doing this you will be notified of everything this coworker is up to.

  2. The follow button will also tell our search engine to prioritise this object. Thus, increase the probability of you finding the object while searching for it. For example, searching for "Lundalogik" in the Swedish database will give you three hits. If you choose to follow our Gothenburg office, this will be your first hit.
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