How do I find stuff in Lime Go?

On the top of every page in Lime Go you will find the "main search". You can use this to find anything and everything in Lime Go.

Things you can search for:

  • Company names
  • Company cities
  • Company registration numbers
  • Company VAT-numbers
  • Person names
  • Deal names
  • Tags
  • Calling list names
  • Coworker names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Integration IDs

The results will be sorted in the following order:

  • Tags
  • Pending deals (deals that are not won or lost)
  • Touched* head office organisations
  • Customers
  • Organisations with the relation "Working on it"
  • Organisations with other relations
  • Touched* organisations
  • Coworkers
  • Touched* persons
  • Calling lists
  • Done deals (won or lost)
  • Untouched* head office organisations
  • Untouched* subsidiary organisations
  • Untouched* persons
  • Inactive persons

* Touched means that you have interacted with the organisation or person in some way. For example, you can touch an organisation by adding a note or a reminder.

Searching for multiple fields:

You can search for multiple fields at the same time. You can for instance search for a combination of a person name and his/her employer name. A search for "erik syren lundalogik" will give you a match for our CEO Erik Syrén.

Finally, not all fields are created equal. A match on the integration id field will always be sorted higher than a match on an object's name. The name in turn will always be ranked higher than the rest of the fields like phone number and email address.

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