How does the Sales activity report work?

There are three activities that are beeing tracked in Lime Go "sales call", "booked meeting" and "attended meetings". Corresponding activities upgrades statistics with 1. 

Sales call:

Statistics are upgraded through one of the following actions:

- logging a final step in a calling list

- adding a new note with the activity type "sales call" 

Booked appointments:

Statistics are upgraded when you create a "new meeting" on a company card or directly on a deal or person card.

Note that it is the person who books the meeting that gets the statistic, even if you delegate the meeting. 

Attended meetings and client visits:

Statistics are upgraded when

- you report how the meeting went. You will find all your booked meetings gathered on your profile page and on the "today" page

- you add a new note with the type "Visited client" 


It is the coworker that does the activity that gains the statistic. Meaning that if a sales representative was to book a meeting for a colleague, even if it is delegated, it is the sales representative that collects statistics.  

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