What am I allowed to do with the information in Lime Go?

What am I allowed to do with the information in Lime Go?

You can always:

  • access the correct contact information to all Swedish/Norwegian companies
  • look up correct information regarding potentially new customers
  • create swift calling lists in order to prospect amongst all included companies and persons
  • easily see how many companies there are that are similar to you best customers: Create twins to sell more. You have all contact details you need!

You can also:

  • generate emails to important key stakeholders one and one. We use "mail-to" links and thus support most email clients on the market
  • create email merges to all e-mail addresses you added yourself
  • mail all your customers and their contact persons
  • mail all prospect that you have an active dialouge with. An active dialouge is defined as a company with a status as This is a customer, Working on it or This was a customer.
  • email all persons on whom you added a "Tag" indicating that they wish to receive information from you
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