How do I subscribe to my Lime Go calendar in Google Calendar?

To subscribe to your calendar in Lime Go in Google Calendar you need a "subscription address URL" from Lime Go.

You'll get this "subscription address URL" if you press on your profile picture in Lime Go and then Calendar sync

In the Calendar settings you'll find a link named Generate subscription address. Press the link to generate an URL then copy the address URL generated for you and open up Google calendar.

On the left side of Google calendar you'll find "other calendars" and right next to that you'll find a small arrow. Press that, and you'll get a few choices, one of them are "Add web address". This is where you paste the URL you generated in Lime Go, and hit "Add calendar". And within seconds you should have your Lime Go calendar inside Google Calendar. If you want to rename your calendar you can do this in the calendar settings in Google Calendar.

Note that you cannot update the calendar in Google Calendar and expect those changes to transfer to Lime Go. As it is just a reflection of your Lime Go calendar that you see. 

Also, meetings that have been "reported" are not visible as a task any longer in Lime Go, but are still visible in your Google calendar. 

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