How do I subscribe to my Lime Go calendar in Outlook?

To subscribe to your calendar in Lime Go in Outlook Calendar you need a "subscription address URL" from Lime Go.

You'll get this "subscription address URL" if you press on your profile picture in Lime Go and then "Calendar sync".

In the Calendar settings you'll find a URL link (if not click the link named "generate subscription address" to generate this). Copy the URL and open up your Outlook calendar.

In Outlook, choose "Open calendar" in the toolfield and paste the address. Voilá! Now you have your Lime Go calendar synced into your Outlook calendar. Usually your private calendar will have a system setting that affect how often it is synced, meaning that it may take some time before you see your meetings. Usually 15 minutes. 

Note that you can not change the Outlook calendar and expect those changes to transfer to Lime Go. As it is just a reflection of your Lime Go calendar that you see. 

Also, meetings that have been "reported" are not visible as a task any longer in Lime Go, but exist in your Outlook calendar. 

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