How and what can I export from a call list?

You can export the result from a call list, using the "Export" function in the calling list menu. Only called companies, i.e. companies with a status in a final step, will be exported. The business model of Lime Go is such as you are in fact leasing the information from us and the complete set of the information can only be used inside Lime Go.

The exported information is limited to the following fields

  • Company name
  • Company registration number 
  • Your customer number
  • Bisnode company ID
  • Contacted persons name
  • Contacted persons Bisnode ID
  • Coworker name and ID
  • Call list status
  • Call list status comment

As you have both Bisnode ID and a registration number you can easily send the file to Bisnode to add the information you want, for an additional fee.

Example usage of the feature is to use the information in an external Business intelligence tool, import it to a order management system or deliver it to a customer as a project result.

If you need to access all your data, you can request a data dump from us. You can read more about that here

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