How to create an email campaign

First off you click on Campaigns -> New email campaign in the side bar menu.

Creating an e-mail campaign is done in Lime Go by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose a segment of people to send your campaign to. You do this by using the filter on the top of the page.

    For a person to be included in an e-mail campaign, you need explicit consent from the person. You can set this consent on the person card.
    Another requirement is of course that the person has an e-mail address.

  2. Add some properties to your campaign:
    • Campaign name: intended for your internal use.
    • Subject: The subject line of the email.
    • Sender name: Defaults to your name.
    • Reply-to email: Defaults to your email.
      You can edit the defaults under Settings -> Email campaign.
  3. Design the e-mail content:
    • Select the standard template or base your campaign on an earlier one. 
    • Write you own standard Preheader (this will normally show below subject line in the mail client)
    • Add your logo or full header image by clicking the placeholder so the image editor will open on the right side. Upload your image in the image editor.
    • Change the address information in the footer. Hide unwanted parts by first click that part and then hide it by clicking the eye icon on the right side.
    • Drag and drop new content blocks from the right side onto the mailing at the left side. Drop a new block on top of an existing block and the new block will go below. Click arrows or grab the orange tops on the content blocks and move them up and down.
    • Finally you can preview and send a test mail using the toolbar at the top of the editor.

In order for you create the best content for your customers, please take a look at some best practices that we've put together.


If you are using MailChimp see the instructions here.


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