Can I use a softphone (Skype, Lync etc.) with Lime Go?

Yes! All phone numbers in Lime Go are so called tel-links, a web standard for phone integrations. This enables you to simply click on a phone number on your smartphone or computer to start calling someone. Most soft phone software works out of the box with tel-links.

If you have several soft phones installed on your computer your operating system (Windows, Mac OS X) decides which will be used. 

Mac OS X

  1. Start the built in program "FaceTime" 
  2. The menu bar FaceTime > Settings
  3. Pick your desired app at "Default for Calls"


  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Find or search for "Default programs"
  3. Click "Set your default programs"
  4. Find your desired caller and set it as default
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