I can’t find a company, help!

Finding a company by name can be trickier then one first may think. Many companies are actually known under several names.

First we have the legal name, which is the name the company is registered by at the tax office. In most cases this is also the name the company uses as their official name. However there are many exception to this rule. 

Popular name is a name a company takes without necessary owning it. For example Kalle owns a hair studio and is self-employed. The company is then usually registered under Kalles name, but he uses a sign on his shop that says "Twisted Scissors". Kalles company is thus commonly known by this name even though his company actually has another official name. 

Franchises are separate companies operating under the same name. McDonalds is a famous example of this. Many McDonalds restaurants have a unique legal name, but their popular name is just McDonalds.

Companies in Lime Go are usually found by searching for their popular business name. However, there is no official perfect register over all popular names. This data is collected by our partner Bisnode. For smaller or very new companies their popular name might not yet be in our database.

One tip is to search for the company name at a mapping service, such as,,, whom specializes in providing popular names. You should now be able to find the legal name of the company.

Another tip is to include the location of the company, e.g. if you search for “Lundalogik Göteborg” you will find Lundalogiks office in Gothenburg.


What if you’re trying to search for a headoffice but only find branch offices? 

Worry not, we have a tip for this one as well! Pick any of the branch offices and scroll down, right below “Information” Lime Go will tell you what the headoffice for the company is called.


Good luck searching with the help of these new tips!

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