Why can I only have 250 companies in a calling list?

To work more efficiently with your calling list, we have set a maximum of 250 companies per list. That's because we believe that it's better to work with a smaller and carefully planned list than a large list of companies that never ends. (We also believe that it's really hard to call more that 250 companies in one week and still enjoy work...)

It also adds the benefit for you to compare lists and see which perform better and why. Is your offering better in certain industries? Or a specific geographic area? Or a certain company size? Create separate lists and give it a try!

If you're still not convinced by our approach, don't worry. Make your selection, create your list, and when you've reached the end you just create a new list with the same criteria. Make sure to check the "No relation" in the relation filter and you'll get the next 250 companies. Call, rinse, repeat!

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