Can I use Lime Go with Lime CRM?

Lime CRM is Lundalogiks fully adaptable enterprise CRM-system. In some cases Lime Go can act as a light weight CRM-system/prospecting tool for certain users of LIME Pro.

The integration is not a standard product but a customer customization which requires consultancy from Lundalogik


  1. An on premise installation of Lime CRM (10.12 > )
  2. Addition of fields in Lime CRM to hold Lime Go integrations ids for future reference.
  3. The Lime CRM web service
  4. A server with internet access and access to the web service, to run the Python integration service

How does the integration work?

  1. Organisation and persons are imported from Lime CRM to Lime Go and appropriate marked and tagged. Links from Lime Go to Lime CRM are created
  2. Upon certain events in Lime Go, the associated objects are added to Lime CRM 

 Lime Go events

Organisation events

  • Organisation is being worked on
  • Organisation becomes a customer
  • Organisation is lost as a customer

Deal events 

  • Deal is lost
  • Deal is won
  • Deal changes status

Each event contains full information about deals, coworker but limited information about organisations and persons. Read more here

Proposed workflow

  1. Call list is created in Lime Go, based on values imported from Lime CRM
  2. Deal is created if a organisation is reached.
    Won deal: Creates or updates organisation, person, creates new deal and 
    new note in Lime CRM
    Lost deal: Creates or updates organisation, person and creates new note
  3. The Bisnode One-by-One feature is then used in Lime CRM


Currently there is no continuous way of getting data back to Lime Go from Lime CRM, which means that if new organisations are created or the relationships with existing organisations are changed in Lime CRM, these changes will not be visible in Lime Go.

Currently, there is no perfect way of solving this. However, there is a few suggestion one can use:

  1. Lime Go is only used to find new customers and all new organisations will be found and added through Lime Go. 
  2. A routine to manually update Lime Go companies
  3. The initial import is rerun at a certain interval. This requires manual labour for Lundalogik and consultancy fee will apply.
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