Can I migrate data to Lime Go?

You can migrate data to Lime Go from virtually any source. A common source is for example an Excel-file. To preform a migration your data must be converted to a format Lime Go understands. This can be done with our open source project "move-to-go".

If you're feeling that your Ruby skills are a bit rusty Lundalogik consultants are able to help you out.

Minimum requirements of a migration in an tab separated Excel-sheet:

  • Company name
  • organizational number
  • the city of the company

You can find a template for a suggested excel-file here.

If the minimum requirements are fulfilled, additional information can be added:

  • Company contact information
  • Company tags
  • Unique Company information such as customer number
  • Persons
  • Person contact information
  • Person tags
  • Person custom fields
  • Notes
  • Deal information
  • Deal tags
  • Deal custom fields 
  • Documents

We have templates for these datasources, enabling faster and easier imports 

  • Excel
  • CSV files
  • Lime Easy
  • Lime Pro
  • Upsales
  • salesforce

You can produce a migration file yourself if you are very technical. The source code and documentation for the migration library can be found here.

Before starting, during and after a migration please use this checklist.

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