How do I install or upgrade Lime Easy?

Upgrading is easy, just run the installation file LimeEasySetup.msi. No license key is required and the database is not affected. When you upgrade, or install for the first time, you have to be logged in as a Windows user with administrator permissions. 

Password – To be able to download the installation files, you need a password. The password is sent to the Lime Easy administrator, at your company, when we release a new version.

License key – is only required when you install Lime Easy for the first time.
If you don’t have the password or the license key, please give us a call at +46 46 270 48 00 or sent us an e-mail at

  1. Download the installation file.
    The installation file is available via the following link. It’s the same installation file, regardless what language version you want and if you’re upgrading or installing Lime Easy for the first time.

You find the files here.

  1. Shut down Lime Easy.
    Before you upgrade, you have to shut down Lime Easy. The reason for this is that the upgrade installation is replacing the installation files. Other users can keep on working in Lime Easy, though, because the database is not effected by the upgrade installation.
  2. Install the upgrade.
    You have to upgrade on every computer where Lime Easy is installed. No license key is required when you upgrade, unless you upgrade from version 9.2 or an earlier version.

To be able to install Lime Easy 9.2, or a later version of the program, .Net 4.0 has to be installed. .Net is a framework with components from Microsoft, which makes it possible to run new kinds of installation files on the computer. It’s easy to install .Net 4.0 from Microsoft’s webpage, and you find the installation files here.

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