How do I search?

There are two ways to make searches:


Searches are most easily done in the filter, which is below the columns in the main list.

Lime Easy searching the columns displayed in the list. Do you want to add more, right-click the column headers and adds choose Customize Columns.

Search button / Magnifier

Advanced button
A sequence of searches can be difficult to repeat again and again. Therefore, you can this save a search in its own name and then repeat it without having to go through all the steps.

  • Ask yourself first in the tab you want to get results in.
  • Click the Search button at the top right
  • Choose the field you want to search from the drop down list to the right of the "Select the contacts in which:"
  • Choose criterion in the next drop-down list, for example Contains
  • Enter / select options in the next field
  • Click the Search button and the first search "Again among all"
  • If you added a search criteria to select "Among marked (AND)" if you expect that the number of meetings should be reduced and "Among non-marked (OR)" if you expect more hits.
  • For each hand up to make you see how many hits you get during the target and the bottom right next to the Quick filter, you see how many total search are up in comparison with the total number of records in the database on the current tab.
  • If you want to see a list of just your hits, click the button to the right of the fast filter.

Save the search you have just done, by clicking on "Save current search". You can then name the search, and it is added to the list of previously saved searches. For example, look at the category of persons Sales Manager and then Stockholm in the address, this search can now save as Sales Managers in Stockholm.

If you want to perform a search that you have already saved, pick among the saved searches and click on perform search.

Remove search -Removes the search that is selected in the list.

The checkbox Treat fields as numeric

Normally, comparisons are made to the text. When you do a search with the terms "greater than" or "less than" and searching the numerical values you have to tick the check box for the comparison to be made as numbers and not as text (for example, a value of 10 is interpreted as greater than 2). If you do not expanded search dialog through the Advanced button is automatically determined whether the fields should be treated as numbers or not.

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