How do I export information from the database?

Exporting from Lime Easy requires that you have right to export or are logged in as administrator.

There are two ways to export.

  1. Quick Button

You can export from Lime Easy using shortcut keys for export to Word, Excel, Outlook or text file, located under the Export button under each tab. When you export in this manner to Word/Excel/Outlook, you get only the information you choose to display in columns in the main list. Would you rather be able to choose which fields you want to export without first viewing them in the main list, you should choose the option Export to text file. The information is now saved to a text file that you can then import into other programs or into a word processor for processing. 

If you choose to export to a text file, start by specifying which fields to export by checking the boxes in the left list and click the right arrow.

  1. Selections

Choose the menu File-> Export, and select those fields you want to include.

Save the file as a text file that you open in Excel and ev. saves on there.

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