How do I save an email into Lime CRM?

Save one email into Lime CRM

  • Find the email in Outlook
  • Click Addons > Save to lime
  • Outlook will call the lime database and check if the email is there. Then, if there is a person that matches with the email and suggest that you put the email to this person.
  • If you want to choose the person yourself, click on the arrow beside the person filed. Then, click search to find it in the database
  • Save and quit

Save several emails into Lime CRM

  • Mark the email that you want to save by clicking them and at the same time holding Ctrl or Shift
  • Drag and drop them to the company tab in Lime CRM.
  • You will get a document card per each email where you choose wich person each email should link to.

The email is saved under the tab documents, related to the company that the person you choose is related to.

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