Why doesn't Lime start?

Have you been able to start Lime before? If not, check with your admin you have the correct user rights.

If yes:

  • Check which version of Office you're using. This may be done by starting Outlook, choose File menu > Office account > Outlook If the top line ends with "64 -bit"", the problem is that Lime CRM only supports 32-bit version of Office. In this case, the action is to reinstall Office, and select the 32 - bit variant.
  • Do you use Office 2016 ? Check that you run Lime CRM version is at least version 10.12.135 (released 2016-01-12 ). If you suspect you are running an older version , update here. Contact us at +46-46-270 48 00 if you have not the password.

Have you tested both measures and it still does not work? Call us at tel +46-46-270 48 00

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