What is a filter and how do I create it?

When do I use filters?

Filters control what you can see in the lists, so that you can find what you are searching for faster and then save the searches that you want to get back to often.

Often, you can use the fast filter, but it is good to have customised filters in your database if there are selections you do often. For example, "My prospects" in Companies or "Today's due" in Activities


What is a filter?

It is a filter directed towards the database that shows everything in Lime CRM according to your criteria. The critieras are set up while creating your filter (dynamic). The filter can also be a couple of companies that you pick, documents or persons that are always the same (static).

You can have your own filters that only you can access or share your filters with all coworkers (or some).

Lime CRM shows a symbol besides the filter:

To create a dynamic filter you pick the arrow on the right of the three lines. Then, you open up the dialogue:




Tip! You can always use F3 to get back to fast filtering.

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