How to mass mail with Lime CRM?

To mass mail is not hard or complicated, so don't get scared of our long guide on how to do it. You are gonna do just fine! :-)

How to

In Lime CRM, there ar two ways to mass mail. Both alternatives are available once clicking on Persons or Tools > Send by

  • Merge wizard - used if you want to create a history note at the same time as creating your email, or to use several methods for your delivering your message
  • Mass mail with email - is used if you want to create the message without creating a history notation.

1) Merge wizard - send emails and log history

  1. Search for those that you want to deliver your message to with help from a filter, the fast filter or a column filter.
  2. Select the persons you want to email, right click and then choose Send by > Merge Wizard
  3. You may prioritise what methods that are supposed to be used, choose the email as method and check that you want to log your history
  4. Click next. The checkboxes are always checked, which we recommend. Address sets what field the email should be picked up from. Normally, you do not have to change this if you do not have two different email fields that you want to send a copy to.
  5. Click Create New to open up Outlook.
  6. Input text, pictures and perhaps attach files. If you want to use values or text from Lime CRM in your message you can also do so with help from control codes. Note! You are now the receiver but lime CRM will change this as the full wizard is completed.
  7. If you are done with the message click Send Note! No message will come up once you click Send. The message is saved for later as you're finishing the Wizard.
  8. Click Next to get an overview of what is going to be sent.
  9. Click Next to deliver the message and get a list of results.


2) Mass mailing by email

  1. Search the ones you want to mass mail by using filter, fast filter or column filter.
  2. Select the persons you'd like to send your email to, right click and choose Send byE-mail
  3. You need to select which field that contains the email address 
  4. Choose New 
  5. Type in what you want to say and add pictures or documents that you want to attach. If you want to use data or text from Lime CRM you can do so by using control codes. Note! It looks like you are the recipient. However, that will be changed by Lime CRM when the message is sent.
  6. Click Send. Note it will not be sent yet. The message is saved and will be sent when you finished the guide.
  7. Click Next in the guide to get an overview to what will be sent
  8. Click Next to do your mass mail and get the results


Error message? 

If you get "There are no recipients to send to" or "Failed to send to 2 persons" that is as lime can not find the email addresses and those fields are most probably empty. 

Tip 1! Do a test mail to an external email, for example, your private email to see how it's gonna look like.

Tip 2! Do mass mailing while you are not expecting your colleagues to work, as outlook's performance may be influenced by you creating mass mails. But you can check this by trying a few to start with.



Merge to filter

You can choose to send to everyone included in a specific filter directly in the Merge Wizard

Send emails one by one


Check this box if you want every mail to be sent one by one to each receiver. We recommend that you use this, as then you decrease the risk that it will be interpreted as spam.

Allow recipients to be reached by multiple methods

If this checkbox is set a message will be sent twice if there are two persons with the same email address. To avoid this, make sure that it is not checked.

Save only the first message in your Sent folder

All messages that are sent are saved by Outlook. This prevents you from filling up your outbox with several copies of the same email and makes sure just the first one is saved there for you. 

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