We are hosted by you and want to create a new user in Lime CRM, how to do it?

  1. Log in with your admin account to LISA. Use Internet Explorer and you need to have Silverlight installed.
  2. Click the database and choose Security
  3. Choose Users och New.
  4. Set Display name, Username och Password.
  5. Check so that Active is stated as Yes.
  6. State wich groups the new user should be part of.
  7. End with SaveTilf_j_bruger_LISA.JPG
  8. Log in to Lime CRM as admin.
  9. Click Coworkers and register name, email and the same username as in LISA (it should be possible to find automatically).

If you want to install Lime CRM at the new user's computer you will find the latest version here.



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