How do I install/update Lime CRM on my computer?

Download Lime CRM from

Run the installation file.


Are you hosting customer (that your database is available at Lundalogik ), do the following choices.

  • If you want to run Lime CRM in a language other than the one you use on your computer in general, you change it in the language setting.
  • When you click OK, you can then log in with your email address and password given to you by your administrator Lime CRM.

Local database (database is on your own network)

  1. Choose to connect via DCOM or HTTPS
  2. Enter the name Lime CRM Server (if in doubt, check with a colleague at the bottom right corner inside the Lime CRM, there is everything you need to know. )
  3. Click Update
  4. Select the database
  5. Click OK, then click OK to proceed. Enter your login name and password or click OK in the login box directly (if you have the AD login, it is connected to your Windows login, and you do not need to specify a particular login info.
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