How do I install on the client?

Download the latest version of Lime Easy. The person that’s responsible for your service agreement can give you the password that’s required to download the installation file. If you aren’t able to get the password, please give us a call at +46 46 270 48 00 or sent us an e-mail at

Run the installation file LimeEasySetup.msi to start the installation, and go through the installation guide. When the installation is finished, the Lime Easy icon will appear on your desktop.

Make sure that you fulfill the system requirements.

Check out on a laptop
Ta be able to take the Lime Easy database with you, on your laptop, you have to activate the check out feature. And that’s easy:
1. Start up Lime Easy.
2. Choose Edit -> Settings.
3. Choose the tab “Use”.
4. Check the box “Check out feature for portable computer”.
Read more about the check out feature.

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