How do I use check out?


Check out is used when you want to work in LIME Easy when you are not connected to the network at the office. Most often it is about a traveling sales persons. To use the check out feature, the user must be in the office at regular intervals. We recommend that you check in at least once a week.

Enable docking

This function is already included in the program. You activate the function by: Edit Menu → Settings → Tab use → tick using the "Docking Function laptop". The user will now have the option "Exit and check out" from the File menu.

The function can be activated only if you have the right conditions. The conditions are:

  1. You have to have a full installation. The program must therefore be locally on your hard drive, because the program can not otherwise be driven out of office.
  2. The database must be on the server, because there is no need to check out of the database is already on your computer.
  3. The user must have the right to check out.

How to work with check out

  1. When you are in the office working directly with the server as usual.
  2. When to leave the office check out going up in the File menu and select Exit and check out.
  3. When you start LIME Easy next time (outside the office) will automatically appear in their checked-out database. Now you can work as usual.
  4. When you return to the office and start LIME Easy program senses on its own that the network available. The user will automatically receive a question if she/he wants to check in is the normal case.


When checking out this is what you see.


  1. Create replica and swithc locally. This option is very check out. It copies the database from the server to your local computer.
  2. Switch only locally. This option is really needed only for debugging purposes. What happens is that you tell the server that you are checked out, but you do not copy the database from the server to your local computer.
  3. Retain the network connection. This option does exactly the same thing as when the user closes the program with the cross in the upper right corner. The program shuts down without any information is checked out. You will come directly into the network database the next time you start LIME Easy. Worth knowing is that a utdockad users take a license. If you turn LIME Easy with a cross (or this option) is not utdockad, and therefore no license.
  4. Note that there is also a tab called "options".

Copy documents: Here you set which documents you want to take with you when you chekc out. By default, you only take with them the last 90 days the document. Some customers have extreme amounts of documents, and if you choose to check out all it would take half a day. Therefore, we have chosen to set the default to 90 days, so you can change if it is not enough. A common question from customers that they do not see all their documents when they are checked-out. It is usually because they have missed this setting. Backing up local database: This box should always be checked.

When connecting in provides the following settings

  1. Switch to the network and synchronize. This is the very check in and the option you normally use. The information from your local database is transferred to the server.
  2. Only switch to the network. This option should look out for. That means you can not transfer the data you have done locally to the server. The option can be used if the user eg you have deleted all of your company when you were checked out, then you absolutely do not want to bring those changes to the server.
  3. Continue to use the local copy. This setting can be very useful. A customer might have a VPN connection to the server. LIME Easy detects this and asks the user if she/he wants to check in. But because the connection is bad, the user selects "No, keep working in my local copy".

Even here there is a tab called options.

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