How do I take a back-up on the database?

  1. Start LIME Easy. Select the Help menu and System Information.
  2. Find the line where it says Database path in the left column, select the row and press Open.
  3. A folder is opened in Windows Explore.
  4. Go up one level in the file structure in which we find folders, Documents, Templates, Mail merge and sometimes maps, in addition to our Database folder. When we take a backup we want then take a copy of all of these folders.
  5. Select All, right-click and select Copy.
  6. Insert a USB flash drive, an external hard drive in your computer, or select another drive where you want to backup your database and create a folder such as called Backup 2016-01-28 and change the date to the current date.
  7. Go into the folder and right click on an empty space and select "Paste".
  8. When copying is complete, then you have taken a backup.

Remember that when you handle USB-connected devices so do not forget to "eject them safe" by down at the clock on the bottom right of the screen click the "Safely Remove Hardware" and then the name of the device. Windows says after a few seconds, you can now safely remove the device.

Important to remember!

  • It is very important to periodically verify that the backup really succeeded and that it is possible to recreate the original.
  • Always take back-ups rolling in several steps, so that you have multiple copies available with different dates.
  • Always store your backups at a location other than the connection to your computer or your office.

If you only want to take a back-up of the database file e.g. when you do an import, it is called kontakt.mdb, you will find it in the database-folder. Kontakt.mdb includes company info, history, to-dos etc.

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