How do I repair/compress the database?

If users get error message "Unrecognized database format" or "The Microsoft Jet Database Engine has stopped working". Then the action is to try to repair and compact the database.

  1. Go to the database folder
  2. If it is not already exists, create a folder called "Backup"
  3. Create a copy of kontakt.mdb and put the copy in the backup folder.
  4. Rename the backup file to the current date, such 20100108.mdb.
  5. You can also copy the kontakt.oldc and kontakt.oldr if you want.
  6. Do a simple repair of the database (see below)
  7. Upon successful repair, you also need to do a compression afterwards. Partly database becomes smaller, but it is also a good test to check that the database was properly repaired.

Simple repair of database

  1. Make sure that all users have closed the LE. Try deleting the file kontakt.ldb located in the database folder. If it can not, it means that someone still has SMILING running, or that the file is hung on the server.
  2. Start LE database and run a repair. If it works, you should run a compression immediately afterwards. You should be able to do both successfully for the database to be healthy.
  3. Start LE to check that the repair was successful.

If the repair or compressing the database fails, the database needs to be repaired manually. Upload the database file kontakt.mdb at our upload page: and contact our support team at +46-46-270 48 00

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