How do I create a new template for e-mails?

  1. Open a new email in Outlook (as if you would send e-mail).
  2. Choose File -> Save As.
  3. Changing the file format to "Outlook Message Format (* .msg)".
  4. Save the email in the Template folder (if you do not know where this is, you can find the path of Lime Easy through Help -> System Information -> Template path).

Now when you open the template list in Lime Easy, should e-mail template is listed. You can now choose to change this, to enter text and control codes.

NOTE 1: Remember to ignore all underlings of typos of the control codes in the template, or else exchanged these are not replaced with the information in the database.

NOTE 2: If the new template does not appear in the list, you should check that you entered your Outlook files to a file type to be used for templates. This is done under Edit -> Preferences and the Print tab. If the "Outlook item" not listed "Document Types I want to use my templates"; click "Add" and enter the MSG in the "Documents ending in". Click OK.

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