Why upgrade from Lime Easy to Lime CRM?

Lime CRM: Lime Easy' Big brother

Lime CRM is just as easy to manage as Lime Easy, but it is more flexible and better in many ways.

Over and above specific needs for industry adjustment, there are many great functionalities in Lime CRM that create value for our customers! To mention some:

  • Filters & Views - You may save your specific search criteria and share those with colleagues
  • Column filters - This function may be recognised from MS Excel. Basically, the user may filter their own lists. Note that the fast filter also exists in Lime CRM - just as in Lime Easy.
  • Summing up columns - by summing up numbers directly in the main view, the user gets a super fast overview of their deals and values
  • Smarter integration with Outlook. Adding more functionality in comparison to Lime Easy
  • Rowediting - The user may edit info in the superfields faster and directly in the main view, without having to open up the card.
  • Graphical reports - With the report tool the user may create graphical reports directly in lime, without having to import data to Excel
  • Marketing activities - Forget about all Excel-files! It is time to extinguish your Excel Hell. Lime CRM keeps track on fair participants as well as the participants on your customer activity. 
  • Technically, you will use another database (MS SQL) that makes your Lime more reliable and shortens eventual response time. Furthermore, you do not have to think about servers and those kinds of things at all - as we will help you!
  • The web client - you'll get a direct access to your customers in your smartphone or tablet.


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